Sales Prices

GVO, Grand Vision Optics Versport, hereinafter GVO, will bill its products and services at the applicable prices at the time the order is placed. The order entails the acceptance by Customer of GVO's applicable prices and terms at said time.


Unless otherwise agreed, the selling date will be the date on which the sales operation is completed, i.e. the date on which the order is dispatched from GVO's warehouse.


Payment of our invoices shall be made on the due date stated therein and in accordance with the terms stipulated in them. Likewise, customer agrees that total or partial non-payment of an invoice will entitle GVO to:

  • Claim the outstanding amount, regardless of the form of payment and maturity date agreed.
  • Charge return fees (10% of the invoice total) plus late-payment interests calculated based on the official interest rate of money plus two points. Customer expressly authorizes GVO to bill the aforementioned charges.
  • Eventually, withhold new orders until all payment obligations are met.


All products distributed by GVO come with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, except for the NANOVISTA line which is extended to FIVE YEARS. This warranty covers any possible manufacturing defects, and therefore excludes other causes such as: inadequate use, damages caused by drops, inapropriate installation, etc.
Depending on the case, the technical service may opt to have the item either repaired or replaced. Regardless of whether the unit it is replaced or repaired, the duration of the warranty shall remain unaffected.
Please send defective items for repair or replacement to our technical service at Calle Ciudad Real, 6 28223 POZUELO DE ALARCÓN - MADRID.


If you wish to return merchandise, please note that only returns of products in perfect condition that are not discontinued and that include all their accessories will be accepted. In this case the merchandise will be paid with a balance for future purchases and in no case will lead to a refund.

Excluded from these returns are those considered defective products or those that do not coincide with those requested in the order (order error).

After-sales Service

GVO offers a after-Sales for both parts under warranty and the general spare parts service.
Products under warranty are products purchased from GVO less than three years ago (five for NANOVISTA) which present defects attributable to their manufacturing process and not resulting from the misuse, physical impact or failure to follow use and/or maintenance instructions.

To request a Spare Part under Warranty, you will need to send us the defective part or product, a copy of the delivery note, and/or the invoice or document explaining the observed defect.
Once the package is received at our premises, we will proceed to verify the alleged defect, and will send your replacement part or product at NO EXTRA COST.

Law on Data Protection

In application of the Law on Data Protection, GVO hereby notifies you that it keeps a personal information file where your personal information may be stored. This file is necessary for the proper provision of our services. However, as stipulated by the provisions set forth in Organic Law 15/1999 you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email to the following address: GVO guarantees that the data it gathers will not be notified or disclosed to any third party unless otherwise required by law.