cressi-sub BIG EYES EVO

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The new Evo from Cressi is difficult to beat, supreme design features allow for optimum visibility.

Two different silicon densities keeps the mask rigidity and stab ability at the same time, without forgetting the best comfort possible. 

The area in contact with the face, close to the nose, has a thickness that decreases and thins out keeping that allows for longer user times for a greater feel.

The structure of the frame has been specially reduced to permit greater closeness to the lenses, reducing therefore the internal volume, eliminating completely the visioning of the frame when looking through the lenses. These are tilted 15º overcome the cheek bones (Big Eye System) allowing for an increase in the lower vision area of up to 30% more compared to a conventional mask, whereas the higher and lateral vision areas are increase to the maximum limit that the thickness of the frame allows for.

Available with Rx’able lenses (stock minus powers) and optional independent power per lens:


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